Did you get a text from us?

The technologies used for recruiting are constantly changing.

When we first opened in 1999, recruiting usually involved calling people on their landline phones and filling out a screening questionnaire using pen and paper. As technology has evolved, so have the methods we use to find qualified participants for our focus groups and surveys.

Recruiting via text message is now one of our most common methods. We use two different numbers for our texting, and you can read about each methodology below.

(833) 260-1893

If you got a text from (833) 260-1893, please rest assured that that message did originate from us and it is a legitimate attempt to recruit for a focus group or other survey. It is not a scam or an effort to collect personal information to sell or transfer. We will never ask you for any financial or account information, and we never sell any data we collect to third parties.

The texts that we send from the number above are not automated. They are all sent individually by a human operator, and are thus fully compliant with federal law and current FCC guidelines regarding unsolicited text or phone communications. Further, these texts are not governed by the “Do Not Call” registry, which only applies to commercial solicitations and does not apply to survey research companies.

We get the lists of numbers we recruit from from a variety of sources, including our own databases, publicly available voter registration data (by law, only usable for public interest or political research), and commercial data from third-party brokers. If you want to know what data source was used for the text you received, please simply reply to the text asking about the source used for the communication you received, and you will receive an explanation of the data source used. If you want to make sure you never receive another message from us, simply opt out using the instructions in the message. Opt-out requests are processed immediately.

(323) 996-3096

If you got a text from the number (323) 996-3096, that is the number we use for automated texts to our subscribers who have affirmatively opted in and consented to receive automated messages from us. If you no longer wish to be a subscriber, or the number in question is now outdated or transferred and as the recipient, you are not a subscriber, simply feel free to opt out using the instructions in the message. Our opt-out requests are processed immediately, and you will never receive another automated message to that number.

Thank you, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our texts or our recruitment methodologies.